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Oposites Attract
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Oposites Attract

That contradictory statement is the fine line that separates us.
Dusk and Dawn are the same shades but at different times.
Black and White are nor colours but are still nothing the same.
Tomorrow is my beginning and tonight is your end.

Close my eyes for the last sand grain is gone from the hour glass.
Just for now, Just For Now…you are just that figment of words.
Exit escape routes in the building won’t save us.
Its Sunday afternoon and all we have left until Monday is occasion.

2 seconds until you will hit the ground running.
You are like that of a drama queen with a cyanide pill.
Encased in your twighlight you are blind to us.
You don’t even know my name, in which your fate might lay.

You are that of the sun and I am that of the moon.
They both might as well break for they are past breaking point.
Look away from the world, but look at the people.
Falling Apart is what I do best.

North and South, Black and White, Salt and Pepper.
You are my opposite, you are my opposite.
I fall asleep in your arms, and awake in my bed alone.
Dreams are the cliché of what makes up imagination.

Losing my grip, and all I do is wake up.

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I like what you've got going here. Each of the words you choose are beautiful, and they flow together nicely. You might want to check your spelling.; -)