What being unforgiving does?
It destroys!
Just like the spread,
Of uncurable cancer.
Leaving many opossums to play dead,
On a road no one cares to travel.
Avoiding an 'acute' way...
Those have come to seek attention!
At the expense of suspense,
And heartbreak dispensed.
Never to be witnessed again.
With that promise to forever keep!

Inspired by:
Leslie Alexis

'Thank you Leslie for your comments.
And providing the inspiration,
from which 'Opossums' got its 'birth'.
I appreciate that.'


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

AND...there is also a time for poets to dispense with restrictions that limit, to reference a time that 'is'. Current and worthy of documentation. That is 'why' we do what is done.
Though in ECCL: 3 there is a time to love and a time to hate. Though hate is like acid burning steel on the inside. And all that wasted energy given to it.
sir, you have described the occurrence very well. I say forgiveness is swell, so very swell. lack of forgiveness is the bringer of many doom Friends turn enemies, love lost, taken to tombs. thank you for the dedication... I am very much honored.