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Poem By Ratri Mandal

It is hard to hold on to something
That is slipping away
The grip is getting loose
The hands are losing energy

Oh! and now that I've lost it
I'm never getting it back, no way
My soul is now powerless
Everything in my sight is fading away

Every goal seems distant
Every moment, full of dismay
Every road looks rocky
A bewildered destiny

As it awaits
I feel nothing can ever be fixed
Where are those hay days
I can taste the true flavor of anxiety

That bejeweled box, was called opportunity
That slipped away from my hands
I always thought I'd take care of it
Now I feel numb, like I have no hands

I lost one key to a gate
A key to a way
Don't have much to say
Just got to find the next box, next day

In search of the next way
Out of all those, discovered or not,
Giving all I got
To the new day, for the new way

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