Opposing Points Of View

We are conditioned to fantasize truths,
And animate hatred as a form of entertainment!
Then we find ways to medicate ourselves...
To flee from realities haunting with nightmares.
Blaming others for not accepting a way of life,
That disturbs those who gather seeking peace.
Creating conflicts to implement this disease...
That creeps from a birth that leads to division,
Without remorse or self reflection!
With fears that 'enemies' threaten this mental illiness!
And peace is marketed to maim and weaken...
Using high tech weapons to kill and eliminate,
Opposing points of view that challenge with alternatives
That seek to please needs...
Without the bleeding of blood tasted,
Fed and addicting to those who are teased...
To cross these borders illegally to feed,
And digest!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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