Optical Illusions

1. Illusion of Poets
Poets see the world
Not as world
but in words
Like that of the ordinary people
Who see the serpent
In the long spun yarn.

2. Illusion of Alexander the Great.
Who was neither great
Nor a hero at all
Saw the world belonged to him
But fate decided on the contrary.

3. Illusion of the modern Disciple

The Great Master
Decided to test the shooting skill of
His disciple par excellence.
He asked
What do you see my dear disciple?
Do you see the prey?
No, said the disciple
I see only part by part
I see its lips
Its slender neck
Its voluptuous body parts
Moreover the prey is soulless.
The great master got afraid
He hurried back to home
Thinking of the safety of his daughter.


Comments (2)

Your poems are really very thought provoking. I enjoy to read them very much. We live in a world with so many illusions. I personally feel if we can turn inwards to our soul, our soul can really guide us to get a little bit closer to the Truth (with capital T) About poets, I think the true poet sees the landscape rather then the farms and fields. So true that poets look in a different way at the world, but sometimes the new view or idea is truly enriching. About Alexander, agree very much with you and about the master and disciple, also.
All are under illusions! I enjoyed the Disciple's illusion more..... it did bring a chuckle to me!