Poem Hunter
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Poem By Punk Nona

So we walked around ourselves
circling through all the hows and whys
maybe we did discover
great meanings to
meaningless things; maybe
we invented a new consciousness
don't think we were fooling ourselves.
we see the world a different way,
a vibrant circus of the unexplainable.
I'm bursting
with all this optimism- I want to
let it spread out through the skies
little blossoms of hope;
it's inside your love.
The kind you keep aside for me.
So we spun some daring dreams
here to heal the world
and ourselves.
I traded my sight for a new
type of wisdom; shared a honey dew kiss
with my fellow priestesses;
we were able to figure it all out.
Spirits, please- give me a blessing
for all I've done and am yet to do.
it was beautiful.
the sky was beautiful
the moon was beautiful
You face was light and radiant and bright and so
I finally felt free.

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