Haiku - 93


the gold with the red.

juxtaposing of others.

the autumn colours.

by Maria Barbara Korynt

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I have read and re-read this poem. It is phenomenal and breathtaking. Outstanding...it affected me deeply.
I've read this several times, and with each reading to grows, more and more significant in its humanistic weight, to be good man and still suffer the world, and in his death he wishes to be content with nature and with human advances, yet the greatness of humanity was truly his own existence. Fantastic Poem!
That is unfortunately what can happen to a meek and mild and gentle person in almost every society. But I have to wonder about how he wanted a poem read to him about nuclear reactors as he lay dying...
Believing positively even despite the strain of negativity towards him, he was as blithe and optimistic as usual........very touching indeed........thanks for sharing
Touching expression. Beautiful poem.
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