Optimized Denials

And an avalanche of accusations made.
Take upon more of a weight,
When the ones who claim them false...
Can not seem to divorce themselves,
From the sending out of invitations.
With optimized denials.
Embossed elegantly to personalize the date.
A guarantee hand written,
That those in attendance appearing to listen...
Will no longer keep their suspicions,
Kept to repeat them.
Unknowingly they leave...
The well attended event entertained.
And satisfied they came.
More convinced than ever,
That an innocence to be served.
With it expected heard to hear.
Had not appeared on the menu to taste,
At all.
Nor was a nibble of it there to chew.
Rumors of minted slivers of guilt...
Were tossed about from licking mouths.
More obvious in this presentation...
Was a mix of chatter,
Dip in humorous delicious quips.
Leaving those as if hypnotic and drugged,
Applauding and cheering to give their support.
To what they 'assume' had not been committed,
For any reason or purpose to admit.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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