Or So They Say

so close yet so far away
or so they say
all this hurt and pain
all the hoping, wishing, dreaming,
will pay off someday
one in a million
or so they say
but one in a million is two in two million to me
and thats just not fair
because knowing you is like
better than breathing air
its the constant stare
you have for no reason but your own
the stare
into no where at all
but a blank wall
and secretly your immagination
that wonders freely
into what you call your own world
where you can be whatever and whoever you want
but to me
all you have to be
is yourself
its everything you do that makes me smile
every move you make seriously
drives me wild
the day i see you
i'll be timid and mild
but deep inside
i'll be melting
everywhere into the cracks in the ground
until there is nothing left behind but my heart
the heart thats left for you
to choose
to do what you want with it.
its all for you
or so they say
but i would give you that and more
i wake up in the morning
no need for the snooze
because these thoughts of you
is all i need
to keep me awake
day by day
in my mind
but im my heart
you couldn't immagine baby
so close yet so far away
or so they say
when thats closer than you think
one in a million
or so they say
and thats just not fair
being thats two in two
and it doesnt compare
because your one of a kind
ive fallen for you
and, i. dont. care.

by Brittany Marsh

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