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Orange Leaves And Blue Sky
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Orange Leaves And Blue Sky

Poem By Amanda Lukas

I must confess that this is my first time
seeing the leaves change in fall.
I laid on my back
under a rather large tree today,
and what a marvel it was.
He laid next to me,
yet was overly consumed
by the fact that he might get dirt in his eye.
For me, it was a much
greater feeling.
I stared in amazement
at the oranges leaves
and contrasting blue sky.
It's funny how a moment like that
could make me realize how wrong
we are for each other.
While I was busy enjoying
the feeling of the cool ground
that was my matress
and staring up at the leaves until they lost
their definition and blurred together,
he only seemed to wiggle and squirm,
as if he was annoyed or embarassed
of committing such a childish act.
Today, I learned the reason
why he tells me that I'm immature.
It's because I am an artist,
I see beauty in everything.
I am a poet
who reads more than just words.
I find joy in taking
the time to smell the roses -
to be amused by the little things.
And he has only found
a path by following
the others.

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Comments (6)

what a great poem! you are not afraid to state your opinions frankly and see the truth! beautiful. love starr
Unexpected! I love it, a beautiful poem, I like the way it is changing, and the changing of the feelings, the way you describe them, the imagery is absolutly great! and indeed the end is WOW... didn't expect that! Elya Thorn.
what an ending! powerful and shows a strong heart! It is never too late to learn to appreciate yourself :) Great write! HBH
I liked the personal factor. It would have been slightly mundane without that. I also loved the supreme arrogance of the last few lines, amusing.
What a beautiful poem. You have so many great lines in there. Your imagery is amazing. Indeed, you are a poet, a very good one at that. Warm regards, Seán