Orange Moon

Poem By Kumarmani Mahakul

Hi, when you are near towards us
In this amazing horizon,
Light has scattered in the atmosphere,
Your original face is creamed
With orange milk of our sun,
You have eaten little fresh curd of sky,
Size of dust particles do this magic,
In this amazing atmosphere,
When your face reaches up to us,
By that time visible light is scattered
By many more air molecules,
You look so mysterious in many colours
We see you Orange Moon,
But originally you are different!

Whatever it may be, you are sweet,
We greet you emotionally
And we meet you at calm night,
When you are overhead straightly
We see you as bright orange moon,
Feeling of fixed emotion sings,
Orange Moon oh dear Orange Moon,
You come on, you come on to greet us,
On this Earth, on this sea you play,
We have to learn your art,
Smart moon you are smart preacher,
In God's kingdom many call you uncle,
Many dream you as their princess,
Many call you as their mom
And many think that
You are the dark prince!

However you are grand uncle of
My grandfather,
And you are great grand uncle of
My great-great-great grandfather,
They all have sung about you
In our orange garden near mango field,
My mom has said that you are her brother,
My mother-in-law has said that
You are her own sister,
You are a stream of affection,
You are my maternal aunt, uncle and all,
You are too my maternal auntie-in-law,
You are neither a male nor a female
But you are half male and too half female,
We feel your both feminine and masculine art,
Oh Orange Moon, you are deity of
Half day and half night,
Having your half golden and half silver face,
Today you are glowing so bright in love,
Dreams of many dreams you are Orange Moon,
Boon you give and you behold God's boon!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,04 September 2020. All rights reserved.

Comments about Orange Moon

Moon is inspiration for all, but you Kumarmani ji have a tryst with words.
This exquisite portrayal of the orange moon works its magic on the reader's mind. But its magnificence comes to fore in multiple shades and colours and perceptions made by ordinary people to the artists and poets since ages which you have so nicely expressed. Man has always been interested in Moon and spun stories around it in all cultures and mythologies. Thanks a lot, kumarmani ji.
Beautiful picture and poem! Thank you for posting!
A great poem on the orange moon. Beautifully crafted to make it an interesting reading. Loved it.10+++
I have seen an orange sun but don't believe I have ever seen an orange moon. Very nice.

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