Orange Soda

she stares out the window
fingers touching her lips,
Striving to catch the shadow of that
orange soda kiss.
her eyes look forward
but she only sees back.
the light leaving her eyes, as she left his.
the sun too afraid to rise,
It’s getting too dark.
seeing herself, holding onto nothing.
seeing what slipped through her fingers,
the ones so
desperate to catch.
She can’t breathe whenever he’s gone,
choking on her words,
each one getting caught in her throat
with a new sense of fear.
“without you..”
she manages to speak.
barely a whisper escaping her deprived lips.
with words that secrete tears
like sharp blades of grass
coated with bitter lemon dew.
the cold creeps into her
iceberg eyes.
her trembling hands
with nothing left to hold.
her breath catches,
trapped and packaged,
with no return address.
anguish redefined,
in that the heartbreak hurts
but the memories cuts like shards of glittering, dull
broken glass.
she stares at the phone
she remembers the words.
the voice.
the lips.
the eyes.
the laugh.
the hands
so desperate to let go.

by Jordan Griffiths

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