So I am really new at this poetry game
shouldn't the end of each line sound the same?
It seems harder that way to find a word
to say what you feel or what you want heard.

But I see different efforts posted on here
just thoughts and feelings...isn't that queer?
But then I thought's maybe just me
like I said I am new...I probably don't see

that poetry is feelings and inner expressions
Why for a rhyme should we all make concessions?
If you write from your heart or to those you love
the words matter less than the message does.

So that's what I think this is really all about
identifying your feelings and getting them out.
So others understand what you're trying to say
forget about the rules...your emotions obey.

So that's what I did in this work of prose
just some basic reassurance to all of those
who can't find a word to rhyme with oranges
express yourself're poets aren't ya's?

by maggie signaigo

Comments (2)

Seriously, though, there's something about the discipline of rhyme, in your case and some others, that allows great cleverness to come through. I very much like your skill with words.
you did it! (Now they say I hafta write 20 characters!)