Come to stay on my mind,
All the time.
Not 'all' the time.
As if you find me easy to orbit.
Observing from a distance.
And my mind is convenient,
To revisit emotions.
For you I admitted I once had.

And here I am...
Fixed while you pick,
When to do it.

But you don't know how I wish,
That day to come...
When you stop,
Whatever it is you do done.
With a doing to have others remind me,
How you once had me blinded to believe...
Without you,
I would not be able to eat, sleep or breathe.

But that was a lie.

I am able to eat and breathe.

I will never admit,
Those nights I lay awake wishing...
You were probing me much closer.
You will not find me in bed.
I've decided to sleep in a chair.
You know the one.
Near the window.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Observing from a distance! ! Nice piece of work.