Orchid Atop The Manipal Hill!

Blossomed an Orchid, atop a small hill!
Amidst wild grass, shrubs and wild life that kill;
The hill-top’s plateau underwent much change,
In a short span of time, in varied range;
The landscape into a township became,
The wilderness vanished, buildings came;
Made from the hill’s laterite, rose to fame,
And etched for itself an especial name!
It was harder than the hardest known brick;
The local manpower built it up quick;
No longer did the Tigers, Leopards prowl;
Nor could you hear the Hyena’s howl!
A Citadel had sprung up on the hill;
Just one man’s missionary zeal, vision still;
Did make this amazing reality,
Happen with his unique effort, mighty;
A medical-man turned business-man!
The pioneer of the Manipal-group
Of Educational Institutions;
Who broke records with his string of ventures,
An achievement rare for an Indian.
Over-looking the Arabian sea,
Now stands the esteemed M.A.H. E.;
Where the low hill came to its end-point,
Rose in leaps and bounds, a family-joint!
From the poor man’s pittance saved,
The Syndicate Bank’s foundation was paved;
Some acres of land were purchased for use,
To house the many Institutes;
The whole venture was made self-sufficient;
By the money, the Bank wisely lent;
The hill was reclaimed from its landscape wild,
It was the great TMA Pai’s brain-child!
This ORCHID blossoms on Manipal-hill,
Of beauty and splendour, unequalled still!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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