Peace Messenger

Peace messenger

Peace messenger from India
Flies from Delhi to Manila
With clear message from Indian People
To share and take part in their struggle

Not only in present age
But in past too India managed
And spread message of love
Today we adhere to these principles and believe

The great emperor, Asoka, sent her daughter
To nearby countries as peace messenger
He had realized futility of war
So denounced and sent his ambassador to far countries

So, The Prime Minister is following an old tradition
To strengthen bilateral and economic relation
Let poor countries unite together
And live in harmonious atmosphere

The benefits of progress must be shared
There has to be cooperation and no fear
Big nations should not bully small nations
Today world is inching forward towards close relations

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (3)

So much is written about our desire to 'make our mark' - this has such a refreshing honesty and originality about it. Just the right amount of words too. Hugs Anna xxx
This one's been very thoughtfully constructed! nice work~ Preets
Sandra, you've got what it takes. I am right there with you. Good poem. H