Painful Love

O Dear! O Dear!
It's give me dead tear.
Every word, which I exhibit is too much less
For myself, I am a major distress
My face is not reduce my sorrow
My smile comes like an arrow
Sad today, there's no happy tomorrow
I can see dead way clear.

O God! O God!
Why I face the sun; Lord?
I am totally wreck
My strength is not to take too rack
God; Hell's fire is much accessible
People's joy is not audible
Dead is fare irrevocable
When I run after to the old.

O God! O God!
See this forcible odd.
I have not patient to take this grief
But; God; I have incredible belief
I reject your life without sweetheart
PAINFUL LOVE give hurt
Death with all my heart
Let my book fold.

by Saddam Husen

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I promise, I'll take care for the good song dinner will be fine, we are decent, we will prolong this delicious meal, since there was no wrong a good dinner is like a well worded poem, quite strong... beautiful comparisons about the poet's mind when he thinks and imagines a poem in his or her mind........... very well portrayed dear Sylvia........ i wonder how much you thought about, to write this poem.. tony