Organs And Bees

An organ is an organ, and
A bee is just a bee;
Please just tell me darling, that
It’s so – that you love me.

While moons glow white and all of the
Bright stars shine in the sky,
I know this true and utter love
Will never, ever die;

I look at you and then I gaze
At skies of indigo,
Thus, all I do, is stare amazed
And hope you’ll never not go.

I stare up subtle heavens there,
And know you’ll fl ee my grip;
You know it’s so, that you (this way)
So brut’lly my heart rip.

If you’ll depart, you’ll break my heart,
And throw me to despair;
I’ll then look up, to the blue dome,
And wish I just were there.

My heart is blended and all mixed,
My feelings aren’t defi ned;
And as my glare on you is fi xed,
My heart you truly grind.

I’ve true emotions, do not go!
It’s plain love, can’t you see?
An organ is an organ and
A bee is just a bee.

(Spring 2005.)

by Jonathan Howard

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