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Orgasm Ii (Just For Her)
(11/26/1971 / New York)

Orgasm Ii (Just For Her)

Sensuous words flow gently
Over ears and around body
Murmuring whispering
Causing squirms and trembles
The shapes of lips forming
Phrases on flesh
Nerves sizzling at the contact
Bodies straining yearning
Torture, no reprieve
Breath passing over skin
Tantalizing, breathing coming
Quicker, shallow
Fingertips travel hills, valleys
rivers and soft hollows
throat, back, ear
Mouth following paths made
Tongue licking, stroking,
Tasting. Lips skimming flesh
Lightly, barely touching.
Over belly, breasts,
Thighs, knees, calves,
Toes teased, curling.
Hips twitching,
Thighs trembling, eyes rolling
Backward, unseeing
Mouth moving, words mumbled
Undecipherable, tangled
Gasps, moans,
Whimpers, soft cries.
Teeth on pink lips,
Jaw clenches tight.
Fingers curled into sheets
Twisting, yanking, pulling.
Back arches body releasing.
Muscles relaxing, fingers unclench
Legs, thighs amid
Tangled sheets.
flesh on dark satin,
Hair free and wild,
Spreading over pillows.
Eyes closed, breathing deep.
Sweat glistening, aroma
Filling the darkness.
Lips once again pressing
Against skin, kissing away
The dampness.
Sighs, moans
Bodies curling together
soft kisses, touches,
the words I love you
blanket all.

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Where ever your getting it your getting it good and I am envious.