IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Oriental Selection

Bare winter branches
beneath the moon wreathed in mist.
Seem to bloom again.
Echoes of memories foresee
future in the past.

In the soft moonlight
blossoms from the cherry tree
Scattered on the ground.
purpose served, hey leave the stage
Autumn will grant them honour.

Sharp edged shadows cast
by the brilliant winter moon
on the earth below.
Poetry written on the snow
only lovers understand

The wind stirs the reeds
making music by moonlight.
Plaintive melodies
the wind needs no audience.
the moon listens silently.

The moon my lantern
the scent of blossom lingers
The moon lights my way
I walk beside the water
yesterday is gone.

Sun sets, moon rises
constant repetition
She follows her lord

Night without moonlight
restless spirits walk abroad
seeking solace.

Moonlight soothes my soul
as I meditate alone.
Trees whisper to me.

A pond holds the moon
why should the mind of man do less
achieving stillness

Gently moonlight falls
like silver rain silently
lotus blossom sing.

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