Parallel universes
as if lined up for inspection;
scientific starting blocks
on a supra cosmic track?
No; it is not like that but
without exclusion of that possibility
and yes they never can meet
nor can be said to be separate
as separated by nothing
this universe confined
by space, matter and time
infinite; held in cosmic mind
all matter, all space, all time
encompassed in a void
but not encompassed
reaching out
but never touching
The void is void
and cannot be touched
and touches nothing
for if it did, that void
would not be immutable, imperishable
it cannot be defiled
not non existent, nor existing
neither infinite or finite
untouched by existence
and in its non touching
devoid of qualities,
of space or time
countless universes
void of relationship between,
and I without I
without knowing, knew.
knew origin.

by David Taylor

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Well David, you lost me there, but hey! not to worry, I'm hardly Einstein All the best and thanks for the comments Love duncan X