Original Watercolours

When Stephen Gayford's paintings start,
They're borne of heartfelt love,
Beyond the most expressive art
That he must rise above...
And so begins a gentle course
Till oils are employed,
So watercolours reinforce
The details he's enjoyed...

The finer points are thus portrayed
In all their finery,
As if to pass the highest grade
The human eye can see...
Thus feathers, furs and twinkling eyes
When framed bless any wall,
Enough to take us by surprise,
Now crystal clear to all...

Perhaps that's why we treasure so
The skills of mortal men,
When fine art oils overflow
With truths beyond our ken...
God's grace helps those who paint or draw
With patience that's sublime,
So that we're blessed, yes, even more,
By those who take their time...

Denis Martindale, copyright, February 2014.

The poem is based on magnificent watercolour paintings
by Stephen Gayford, nb Google search gayfordgallery.
These are the beginnings for each major oil painting,
granting a detailed insight into each creature's character.

Find more wildlife poems using Google search
for the search phrase Stephen Gayford poetry.

by Denis Martindale

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