(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Orion’s Belt

On an evening destined by Celestial design
The stars looked down to a beginning divine
Silent on grass in the shadows of a mountain
Two souls connect in the shadow of Almighty

As the last rays of sun touch the tops of the crest
A new ray of light ignites at the Father’s behest
Like a candle lit in darkness approaching
A small glimmer glows, slowly poaching

On the cool of the grass in subtle green beauty
My heart warms to this soul on my side
The time falls away in peaceful oblivion
As hearts become shared, not wanting to hide

Your sincerity and gentleness strokes a chord
Of the beauty that’s precious in the sight of the Lord
This melody lingers to the core of my senses
Your eyes draws me in and collapses my fences

Three stars we gaze upon looking up from the grass
A part of the wonder and beauty of creation
A belt that binds these moments to memories
A sign in the sky of someone somewhere else

Three Persons looking down from heaven above
Father Son Holy Spirit also watching in love
May it be that a belt from their heart will hold
What we have, what will be, in Their love enfold


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Aaah, you loaded it: -) ! As I said it once again brought tears to my eyes! It's realy so beautiful and will always capture a beautiful memory: -) . The words flow as if it's my own. Thanx again my friend! And I thank God for who you are and for what you mean to me!