Orlando Blue: 31st Chorus

O Gary Snyder
we work in many ways
In Montreal I suffered tile
and rain

In Additional Christmas
waylayed babes

In old crow Hotels
full of blue babes
in pink dressinggowns

But O Gary Snyder
where'd you go,
What I meant was
there you go

In Montreal I worked a manied-way

And better than Old Post
I learned to appreciate
in many ways
Montreal, Soulsville,
and Drain

by Kerouac Jack

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Comments (4)

Kerouac Amazing poetic style here, well done
love how he ref'nces his fellow Beat poets. strengthen the core.
jack, you must have written in one breath, this poem. i like poem written like this. very raw and true. i wish i could write like you.
I love the poets of jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsberg saar