D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Orpheus And Eurydice

Orpheus, won’t you turn around?
Spin your heels upon the ground,
Gaze upon me, I’ll not wilt,
And you ne’er will need faulty guilt,
O Son of Sun, who sang to Him,
Who Proserpine had wed in grim,
Dire kingdoms you have brav’d,
To ensure that I’ll be saved,
Orpheus, I see the light,
We’ve very nearly won the fight,
Listen to me, we will be safe,
And heirs of ours will ne’er be waif,
All this while, I’ve seen your back,
As we’ve walked along the track,
I wish to see your face again,
This view no longer be my bane,
Orpheus, I can meet your gaze,
Now you’ve led me through this maze,
But no! Too early, I prithee not!
Before I’ve crossed this threshold hot,
I’m waning now, to cruel a fate,
To see you ere I passed the gate,
I’ll fade and falter, pale and wan,
Pluto will never hear your song,
Just one chance and we both fail,
What sad end to this sad tale.


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Robert Frost

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