Love, poised for ready flight,
Ruddy as morning light,
Bright and as brief his stay;
Hope with alluring wing
Fair as the flowers of spring,
Fleeting as they.

Joy, with elusive gleam,
Flitting o'er life's dull stream,
Swift as the tides that run:
Flower that a day endures,
False flight the foot that lures,
Gain that no flight secures,
Lost soon as found!

Thou only, calm of mien,
Waitest, with brow serene,
Soft pinions furled in rest;
Fair as thy lilies are,
Shining, a fixed star,
Blessing and blest.
Me in thy still arms lull,
Presence most beautiful!
Captive my soul, release,
On thy breast undefiled,
Safe from life's tempests wild,
Fold me, a weary child,
Angel of Peace.

by Ina Coolbrith

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The second poem of Graham's I have read. Exciting.