AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Orpheus (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons)

I see you standing on the other bank of the river Styx
You've missed the boat, and wade through dark water
To reach the kingdom of shadows you need magic tricks
Your feet hurt and burn when water's getting hotter

Can you charm the subterranean gods by your singing?
To persuade them to return your loving wife it's hard
After she died from a snake bite, you see no sense in living
For your song or your feelings did the gods show regard?

They agree to set her free, and her shadow will follow you
On condition that you won't turn around until you're outside
The path leads to the surface, and the earth light's within view
As you turn around, the poor soul flies into the underworld to eternally abide

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