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Osama's Destiny

9/11 or the 11th day of September
was a day America and the world would remember.
A vicious attack that hit our very soul,
affected us all and surely took it's toll.
Many lives were lost without any reason,
if they'd been Americans, we could at least shout treason!

But they weren't Americans and we can't comprehend,
the evil they wrought, but America will mend.
They were well prepared and took us by suprise.
America was at peace, but we've opened our eyes.
See, the world isn't made of folks like you and me.
Some could care less about the land of the free.

They believed that Allaj would be at the Pearly Gates,
they were bound for the Kingdom and wouldn't have to wait.
72 virgins at their command,
anything they'd desire, anything they'd demand.
But things don't always work out as were planned,
America fought back and they fled from their land.

Now I've spoken to Allaj and He's not happy.
He said 'Osama, why's your beard so nappy?
You live in a cave like the animal you are,
and believe me Heaven for you is too far.'
You see Allaj's in Paradise where the angels reside,
but Osama, you'll never be by His side.

Many lives were lost that day in September,
families were destroyed and the world will remember.
We'll never forget you Osama Bin Laden,
not as a hero but for the hearts you've trodden.
There's a place that awaits you, one I'm sure you don't desire,
for your destiny Bin Laden is the gates os Hell Fire.
The Devil resides there with arms open wide,
to welcome you home to spend eternity at His side!

by Brenda Jett

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