(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Other-Worldly Whispers Of The Happy Undead

This quiet moment of bunched-up time
has no more room for me, I look around
and see my book Spirit Communication
that has to be returned to the library; but
I still want to dwell within the magic of
experiments in communicating with
the spirits of the so-called dead

I don’t want to remain anchored to this
moment in time anymore, I want to set
my mind free to go on unhindered travels
of magic such as Aladdin in a Thousand-
And-One-Nights; I’m strangled by the four
walls of sensory reality and I’ve had enough
of closed-book external existence

I want to enter into the magic of the primeval
elements; to visit Tornado Peak and learn how
to take a magical forest out of my mind, complete
with Red Riding Hood and Humpty Dumpty; visit
Belladonna’s laboratory and send stars on their
rounds; listen to the other-worldly whispers of
the happy undead and set off

To find Unseen University, the Discworld is calling
me, the magical noise of Music-With-Rocks-In is
becoming more real than the 21st century…

by Margaret Alice

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