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Others Who Are Nameless
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Others Who Are Nameless

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

That time given.
Is taken for granted.
Not to think of it as rare.
With seconds, minutes and hours,
Of it wasted.
Hesitating to contemplate.
Or procrastinating in self debate.
Gets to become,
Just too comfortable to refuse.
Like a diet suggested.
And found the recommendation accepted.

I have done it.
You have done it.
And no one is fooled,
To know they have done this too.
We all have welcomed with an ease.
Teasing to free minds,
Away from intended responsibilities.
And neither do we care,
To think of it as a lost cause.
Since finding excuses to make,
Leaves us to believe...
Being held accountable for our actions,
Is what those 'others' do.
Who choose to feel guilt and remorse.
Who are we,
Who have accepted our distractions.
Can sit and pass judgement.
On those 'others' who are nameless.

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