Ba da dam Ba da dam Ba da dam
my heart beating faster
what should I do?
tears flowing down
my lips shiver
my fist clench
I'm angry
No I'm sad
I cant figure it out
Crack, snap, drip drip drip
what was that noise?
as my hand covers my heart
Ow, it achs
Owwww make it stop
why am i feeling this
feels like my heart snap
breaking and fell down in pieces
my eyes close
as more tears fall
my knees hit the ground
I crouch over
what just happened?
everything goes slient
only thing i can hear is my heart beat stoping
am i dying?
as he walks away from me
I reach out for him and cry
I lost him
what did i do?
help, this pain hurts too much.

-Hali Curtis

by Hali Curtis

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very good! i like it ; ]