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Our Agent Our Friend

You wish and dream for years to have your own home
A house filled with love so you need never to roam.
Sharing apartments no good do you rent a room.
You find your true love and make him your groom.
You look in book at many beautiful houses.
Your talk with agents make you feel they're louses.
We found a gem and jewel of a real estate agent.
For days, her help, her time was trully well spent.
For our interest she made this her plight.
At the house shown us she saw our delight.
Then came the credit report not bad nor very good.
She ask lots of questions till she understood.
Small and comfortable a home made for just two.
She worked steadfast to make our dream come true.
Away to a lender she drove with great speed.
She had some lenders with an urgent need.
The money needed to make this the home of our dreams.
Calling to assure us it won't be as long as it seems.
Everyone anxiously await for the settlement date.
She says "hang in there" its up to God and not to fate.

by Lois M. Crockett

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