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Our America

America was created for everyone
Not just only for you and me,
Because of that our way of life will continue on
Where we are the proud and the free.

No matter the color of the skin
Or the race or anyone's religious belief,
No matter where they came from or were they've been
This country is not a liar, or a thief.

Wherever flies the red, white and blue
Whether in this country or in another land,
She flies not only for me and you
But, for all Americans and where they stand.

Americans we are the melting pot
Each one of us are each other's equal,
Our fathers have found what they had sought;
We the people.

When I see Americans object or protest
With words or symbolism as they fight,
I know that our country is the best
As America gave them that American right.

Freedom and justice for one and all
Tyranny or dictatorship I will not ever want or discuss,
Our democracy is our own to call
America was created for all of us.

Randy L. McClave

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You are right in many ways. But don't be naïve. There are so called" Americans, " that want to destroy us from within, And that's no story, by Huckleberry Finn. There are enemies, infiltrated under the guise, Who want to grab power, to plow our demise! By the way your poem is beautifully written, full of democratic and human American pride.! But remember, Democracy is very fragile and can be easily lost and never recovered, I have witnessed that.....