Our Anniversary

Dazzling white flowers clothed cherry boughs
As we exchanged our steadfast vows
Gentle breezes stirred through the dell
Like flurries of snow the petals fell
Now salt tears fall my sorrows to tell.

Buds burst forth on every hedge
As to each other we gave our pledge
With light-some feet down from the altar
Filled with a joy that could never falter
True love cooleth not, as water.

In the hope of better weather
Nesting birds built homes together
In tune, our minds saw problems fleeing
Harmonious life together we're seeing
Now memories entwine my every being.

On that happy day in early May
Love, all problems drove away
Now your soul is in Heaven divine
God called for you with Him to dine
Your heart, I know is still mine.

by Geoff Powell

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