Our Autumn

Poem By Stacy Lynn Mar

It is the time of year
When October steals the daylight.
The stars shine a little brighter,
The air more crisp than usual,
Filled with pine and pollen
And absent that forlorn sting
Winter always brings
With it’s snow flakes and
Christmas lights.
Yes, autumn arrives
In her orange pumpkins
And trick-or-treaters,
The piles of dead leaves
Lining my lawn.
The county apple fair
And it’s classic carnival lights,
A sea of eyes in the dark,
And bodies swaying to some
No-name country band,
Words of George Jones
Or Merle Haggard curse the air.
This is the season
For beginnings and goodbyes,
Two lovers’ breaths haloed in
The clandestine fog,
The earth swirling beneath feet
Too giddy and quick in love,
And the brisk night,
That sacred, surreal moment
When again, your lips found mine.
This is the holiday for us,
When time begins as ours,
Our carousel does not stop
When the vendors pack up
And the music fades away.
The high wire is only raised,
And the bed it is our lovers stage
As well as the haven of our hiding place.

Comments about Our Autumn

Nice...You take us from the Autumn festivities to the arms of romance and tie them together like the frosty air and warm cider. T

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