Our Bird Song

Poem By Nellekke Tak

“Don’t do that.” He said,
“Every time you loose your pride,
you make it harder and harder for me to love you”

“You know I tried, ” He said
“But your hearts frighten me.
They make me run.”

Why do you make it so hard
For me to love you?

“You’ll never find someone like me again.”
He said,
As he walked back cautiously
Hands in pockets
Head hung low…

“No one who can make you feel this way…”
He said.
As he kissed my neck
Touched my cheek

“You make it so hard for me,
To keep on loving you, ” I said
Pushing him aside
“And that’s why you have to go,
and never come back.”

He kissed me once more
Set my stomach on fire
Walked backwards,
Called me a liar

He ran from me once again
Dust clouding his trail

“Don’t do that.” I whispered.
“Don’t be this way.”

“Every time you come back, you
Make it harder and harder for me to love you.'

So I played out song
Over and over and over and over and over and

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