Our Blessed Hope

Perhaps we don't mention the Rapture, because it appears so surreal,
Or maybe it's because of other things each individual heart may feel,

For the Apostle Paul who sat with The Lord, this event was very real,
It was so much a fact that it filled him with an uncompromising zeal.

The deceived believe the Rapture is past, or it won't happen at all,
This deception is from the very one who was present at Adam's Fall.

Although this is indeed a future event in the Bible that's non-dated,
It will surly happen my friend, just as the Apostle Paul has stated.

For Eternity, The Lord is someone, of whom you should be acquainted,
By refusing His Love, by His command you will be Eternally alienated.

For Jesus Christ is coming again and in this you can be very sure,
And after we meet Him in the air, we will be with Him for evermore.

For The Lord Himself will descend with a command that's very loud,
Those asleep in Christ will rise and we will meet them in the clouds.

For we will not suffer wrath when we receive Salvation from The Lord,
For unbelievers after His Church is gone there's a lot more in store.

As the world is morally falling we are not to be filled with despair,
Instead Paul encourages Believers to prepare to meet Him in the air.

So as Believers wait for Eternal Peace, Our Blessed Hope my friend,
Many will say peace and safety with sudden destruction as their end.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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