Our Blue Marble

Poem By Nick Sym

I look up into the sky,
and wonder what is in store
For in this the grand Universe,
there must be a whole lot more

Was it God's intention?
for us to be alone
On this bluish marble,
in the heavens, we call our home

There must be brothers and sisters,
out there, trying to say hello
For all that we have done as people,
what do we have to show

It is the cries of the starving children,
that we seem to ignore
No, it is not our problem, so in our hearts,
we conveniently close the door

Maybe it is the beggars and the homeless,
the one's we turn our heads from each day
Could it be the aged and the handicapped?
our wishes for them to go away

It is time for us to pay,
for our mistakes
To rectify the situation,
no matter what it takes

Get rid of the poisons from the air,
and let the babies breath
Shed the blackness from our souls,
and once again start to believe

Clean the lakes and oceans,
from the smell of death
Give our mammal cousins,
a long awaited breathe

This is our planet,
the big blue marble we call our home
But do not be mistaken,
for we are not alone.

By Nick Sym

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