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Our Brilliant Public School Students
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Our Brilliant Public School Students

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Listen up, clowns!
...er, a... students.

Last week,
It was brought to my attention...
By many of your parents,
That my assessment of your reading abilities...
For the most part...
Rather harsh and vindictive.

I have invited your science teacher,
Mister Robin Bobbin...


I will have none of this!
Show some respect.

As I was saying...
I invited Mister Bobbin in this morning,
To evaluate, listen and judge for himself...
Your 'essays'.
Based upon delivery, elocution and style of presentation.

We will have Amber Helms,
Reading from her composition...
'Your Death Is Not A True Love Commitment'
Miss Helms?

What? '

Read your composition.

'You don't haveta get nasty! '

READ! ...please. Your...'essay'.

'That's more like it.
I don't wanna have to go 'off' up in here!

Your Death Is Not A True Love Commitment,
By Amber Helms...that's me!

When I sees you.
You be in my heart.
Like a light bulb that goes on and dims...
When we get 'busy' and it is dark.
You feel me?
And I aint ready for that.
Cuz inside I want you...
Like teeth munching on a cookie.'

Mister Bobbin?
Your comments?

~I...uh...thank you, Miss Helms.
And thought what I just heard...
Was absolutely terrific! ~

You can not be serious?

~I think we must embrace the efforts and skills,
Of our brilliant public school students.
Our country looks forward and demands,
Contributions like these...
To further our great society,
Into unreachable heights of glory.

Rest assured, you students...
Once you are ensured graduation in 2011,
Will make a dynamic impact on all of our futures.~

'See! ?
I dun told you I shoulda gotta 'A'.

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