Our Brother Died.

I just want, to look at you
The same way, I've always done
But now there's, a difference to you
Since your brothers....

I wan't to be there, when you need me
Mentally, and spiritually
I know ya'll used to fight all the time
And ya'lls love was always, blind.
But never had, I seen you cry
Till the day you'r brother...

I knew him well, family to me too
We go way back, to elementrey school.
And all your parties and saturdays
He'd always be there, playing games
And ya'll would fight and yell and scream
And his death only feels..
A Dream.

I feel sorrow and empty when I come by
A chuck is missing, in your life
No more making him do everything
No more hearing him beg me for anything
His kids are vanished, your siblings a mess
Your mothers silent, your fathers a wreck
Our horserides arn't the same
His favorite songs are always played
Its only been 4 months but its seem forever
The happiness is just now a shiver
So a part of me always will cry
Ever since your 'our' brother..

by Sugar Bear

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