BB (1983 / Houlton, Maine)

Our Cherished Anita

A truly amazing woman
We all honor here today
We treasure your love
That’s in our hearts to stay

Anita, you’re spirit rose
To heaven above
Where you've been healed
By the power of God’s love

We hold onto your memory
As you stay alive here in our hearts
Remembering all the good times
That we shared right from the start

All the times that you had to vent
And then you would always say
“Oh for heaven sakes
I shouldn’t talk this way.”

You are caring, compassionate,
Unique and full of charm
Scared of every thunderstorm
Now you’re at no harm

Cricket meant the world to you
Sassing everyone that walked in
Spitting, hissing, showing off
She was your best friend to the end

But as we are surrounded by your spirit
Your comfort we embrace
The battle of your suffering is over
You’re now at a better place

And when you look down on us
Throughout this time we mourn
I hope you always remember
How much you were adored

You lived your life to the fullest
Praying down on your knees
We love you, we love you so much
Anita, rest in peace!

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