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Our Child

You're no longer a part of my life
But, please still be a part of our Childs,
Though we are no longer husband and wife
Let's not act like animals in the wilds.
Neither one of us should scream or roar
Whenever the other ones name is mentioned,
Nor should we talk about each other as a sore
Our child needs not their feelings tensioned.
A child should never need to pick a side
On which parent that they care for best,
They need not to be on that emotional ride
As life for them should be an amazing quest.
I divorced you for the ways that you treated me
So, we cannot ever be reconciled,
We are no longer married, you are now free
But, please don't ever divorce our Child.

Randy L. McClave

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Parents cannot divorce their child. This is very emotional and thought provoking sharing.10