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Our Children
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Our Children

Sometimes I sit and watch them
running through the yard.
I just can't stop from smiling
and saying... ''This aint that hard! ''
I would'nt trade a minute
of this work that must get done.
Because throughout the hardest times
so often comes the fun.
How can we call this ''working''
when we get to see the joy
that spills out of each smiling face
of our two girls and boy?
I'm tired, sore, and cranky.
This is very true...
I just remind myself each day
the importance of what I do.
The time they're young goes by so fast.
You blink and then they're grown.
But if we do the best we can,
we'll never be alone.

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They gain and will gain so much from such a tender care! Your A Star In The Night. Love From Duncan
This is so true. Time just seems to go so fast. I sometimes wish I was a child again but where I am now and life. Life might have been different. At least we have the memories of back then. Nice poem.