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Our Curse
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Our Curse

Wasting away
Pasting away,
But stickers and flyers bring no help
Just contributions to negate the end
But to no avail
No bail on life
Choices made in the heat of a moment
The mind will not relate
Hormones instigate
Sealed faith at penetration
A plague on my generation
Infatuated with relations
Each after another without bother
Morality abandoned
Its victims walk in all manners of life
Strive they may, it claims all lives
No cure, redemption nonexistent
Countries collapse, pharmacies relax
Its victims index extensive
So time is death, the more you get the less you have,
Prays offer no earthly reward
Its origin unknown
Groomed from our sins or delivered through the hands of man
A killer is born without an end
Tears will beat the soil
As we lay our love ones to rest
But their killer knows no rest,

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