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Our Cycle Of Seasons
EO (November 5,1940 / Toronto, Canada)

Our Cycle Of Seasons

Poem By Erin O'NeillBerg

Bright yellow daffodils are dancing in the forest
While two lively bunnies frolic in the fresh green grass.
Spring is on its way and thoughts turn to the renewal of life,
With the resurrection of the cycle of seasons.

The season of spring is marked by this awakening theme.
While the earth moves within the spiral of life’s passionate song
The elements dance to this magical rite of spring
Led by the hand of their unseen conductor.

Spring is also marked by the festival of Easter.
Once the domain of a goddess, it is now a commemoration,
A Christian glorification of the supreme Passion,
The significance of Christ’s sufferings on the Cross.

This is a time to reflect and remember, to recognize and respond.
A time to revive the spirit and renew the responsibility.
A time to rejuvenate our thinking and reinstate our pledge.
A time to restore our faith and reclaim our position.

Bright yellow daffodils sway in the breeze,
While two lively bunnies gambol in the garden.
We define ourselves anew and refresh our vital essence,
With the resurrection of our own cycle of seasons.

(written while sitting in my garden on a bright, sunny spring morning.)

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