LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

Our Dance

He was my close friend,
But all good things come to an end.
I miss him so much,
My body craving his safe touch.
I long to be in his arms, in his embrace.
And look longingly into his bright face.
I want to take hold of his rough hand,
And walk along with him in the sand.
I used to know he was always by my side,
Even as we took our silent ride.
The ride that would be our last,
I will always cherish our wonderful past.
He shaped my heart and helped me see,
That I can be loved if I’m just me.
He gave me a gift that only he could give,
The gift of life, the will to live.
He made me smile when I didn’t want to,
He was the hand that pulled me through.
He made me laugh when I was in pain,
My silent love for him I have to restrain.
He and I were so much alike,
God, he looked hott when he showed off on his bike.
Everyday I hear our song,
It reminds me that I have to be strong.
Maybe someday we’ll get our second chance,
To dance our very last first dance.

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