(15-06-1988 / Rawalpindi)

Our Last Goodbye

Real friends are few,
and their friendship last a lifetime,
through the good times
and the bad times.
It never dies even after death;
it lives on through our memories,
which can never die,
even after we say our last goodbyes.

by David Harris

Comments (3)

Yes true friends are for life, but even so life some times makes us leave them behind, but they are are never forgotten in our hearts and minds...10
Simply beautiful and yes comforting, as JoAnn states below....I do not like good byes at all, never have never will....when they start so young you can't bear another one to go or be taken away...I suppose that sounds selfish but one can only suffer so much loss.....I do like your Goodbye poem though, very much...marci.xo. :) ~~
that's a nice solemn but comforting piece...I like: O)