Our Dilemmas And Predicaments

Humanity leaned forward in lax manners
To hang bags of plans on racks,
But when he stood erect,
The intended effect became manifest:
The dredged seabed of frustrations and regrets
Furnished sediments and dregs of wrecked events
And gave vent to our pent-up resentments. Thus, the bags carefully contrived contents,
Like contemplations and visions beset by rents
Went sublime and clean-clear out of reach,
Thus blending difficulties and ease
In a manner that's hard to breach
Just like the human knees
And his forearm's reach
Which leaning brings within easy reach,
But shoots beyond reach
When erect to preach
On or off the beach

by Adebayo Olabisi

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bayo your poem is very nice but if you don't mind do you know Amalachi Anebelundu
guy i don noe ur age but i would say you are very prolific. are u new here. u r d only niga guy i av read here pls read my poems and holla back.