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Our Duet

Do I want to be a swinger
No I would rather be a singer,
I would rather be on the stage singing
And not on my bed swinging,
I want the same member in my band
As it had already been ordained and planned,
I want that one person to be always true
And not a replacement singer out of the blue,
I want our career to last a lifetime
With trust and fidelity and no sins or crime,
To swing, I will think not
By my manager (God) I do not want to be caught,
I want a lifelong contract with that one member
The one that I will always want and will remember,
On the stage together we will sing
In harmony and with each other we will swing,
I do not want anyone else on the stage
Except for that one to sing and to engage,
Our banding together is each others debt
So, with her alone I want that forever duet.

Randy L. McClave

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