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Our Duty................

God not only create a man and a woman
but also their duties towards mankind along with that
Men and women meant for one another and
live together in truth and love.
God loves anyone who serve one another in difficult times
We must be honest with our duty with competence and integrity
and fight to end all forms of evil temptations and sins
The problems could arise in every way even you are truthful
towards your duty but it has to be tackle in the same manner
and at the same time the root of problems to be uprooted at once
If we do not perform our duties towards human society then our
faith and love will be end with sad and sorrow
If husband does his duty towards his wife then she will make
their family proud
If father does his duty towards his children then his
children's future will flourish
If a leader does his duty towards his country, then his
countrymen will reap the benefit.
Simply, Your duty is your God and serving to mankind is your blessings

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